What is browser mining?

Browser based mining is a method of mining crypto currencies using javascript that runs in your browser. Because it runs inside your browser, there is no need to install a program on your computer. Upon loading a webpage, a javascript program runs using a small amount of your systems resources to mine crypto currency that is typically paid to the owner of the website the miner is running on.

Why is this running on my site?

If you find that this miner is running where it should not, please send us a support ticket (bottom right).

Is Browser based mining malware?

No. Despite what lots of media outlets are saying, browser based mineing is not malware. It does not attempt to gain access to information on your computer or damage it in anyway. It is being referred to as malware because webmaster are doing it without informing users.

Can I get a computer virus from it?

Not from the the javascript miner itself. Typically, attackers expliot vulnerabilities introduced by out of date plugins or flaws in the browser itself. Browser based mining does not make you any more or less vulnerable to a virus. However, stay safe, update your plugins and browser!

Are there risks involved?

For the individual end user, no. But, for organizations running larger websites, yes. Browser mining offers very lucrative incentives for unscrupulous agents to try and access websites and inject javascript miners. Organization need to learn to protect themselves: please... http://www.dvwa.co.uk/. There is also an increased incentive for botnets. A controller could have their bots point towards a web page with web miner installed. Bot nets aren't specific to browser miners though and likely would not be the first choice to monetize them.

What will it do to my computer? Will it harm my computer?

Javascript miners will not harm your computer. They make use of your computers resources like any other application. When you watch internet videos your system is using it's resources to render that video, same with video games, same with installed applications. There is nothing that happens to your computer that is different from any other use. Just like all other programs, a browser base javascript miner will use a small amount of electricity to run this process.

Who should use browser based miners?

Is possible for an individual to load up a browser based miner and start using their processor to mine crypto currencies. However, the amount that you would make is so small that it's not even worth your mind space. If you are determined, you should look into system based miners like Claymore. Browser based miners make a lot of sense for content creators/distributors (web masters) that have a digital properties they are looking to monetize. Some examples are bloggers, news sites, wiki & how-to's, mobile apps, and more.

What are the costs? How much money can be made?

Users pay slightly more electricity than they would otherwise. Our initial findings shows the average user consumes $0.03 of additional electricity per hour while running a browser miner. At 2 hours a day, that's 2 bucks a month.

Website Owners make small amounts of crypto currency (currently XMR). The average users hashrate is 20 H/s. At the time of writing that provides a profit of $1.50 USD per month. How much money you can make depends on the power of your users comptuers, and how long they stay on your site

How do I calculate my potential profit by installing a browser miner on my website?

From analytics get the number of monthly users & average session duration in MM:SS format. Apply it to the following formula below will give you a crude calculation

Monthly profit = (Montly Users * ((Avg. Sess. Dur. Minutes/60) + (Avg. Sess. Dur. Seconds/2600)) / 730) * $1.50

Or, instead of multiplying by $1.50 at the end, you can take the number and enter it into a hashrate profitability calculator


Monthly Users = 3000
Average Session Duration = 3:30

3000 * ((3/60)+(30/3600)) / 730
3000 * (0.05 + 0.008333) / 730
3000 * 0.0583 / 730

Multiply by $1.50 to get rough estimate of $18.23 monthly profit

Or enter 12.152 into hashrate profitability calculator

If you quickly do the math on advertising revenue using numbers comparable to the ones above.

Page Views = 7500
Click Through Rate = 0.5%
Cost per click = $2.50

7500 * 0.005 * (2.5 * .68 <-- publishers cut)

While we made a lot of assumptions about the numbers, you can see that a site of comparable size will likely make more money through ad revenue, but browser mining offers an additional 30% to your bottom line.

What is the benefit?

There are a ton of benefits for creators, users and the general public.

For the creator, the methods to make money from websites are generally limited to either pay walls or advertising. We're not knocking them, they are great ways to make money. Browser mining offers a strong addition to these methods that allows user a more direct way to compensate creators. Typically web owners only get compensated through advertising if a user clicks on ads surrounding their content. It's a game of numbers and chance. A small number of users that click on advertising and end up purchasing from the advertiser, pay for the whole show. For on site display banner, it's about 1 in every 200 users.
Once again, we're not knocking this, in fact irl I do this for a living. It is a bit of a conflict of
interests; creators want to make money by sharing great content, and host ads that have users click away from that content.
With browser based mining, every user contributes a tiny amount to financial success or the site.

For the user they get access to great content. When websites can monetize time on site, they are encouraged
to create more meaningful and valuable content that has the user stay longer. They might also be less inclined to implement
pay wall, which suck.

For the general public we get more hash power for the blockchain, which we like quite a bit.
Blockchain technology will arguably be as impactful as the rise of machine learning technology. The more people contributing
hash power, the more stable the block chain.

What are the draw backs?

We're pretty sure Google, Facebook and the rest of the established powers are going to come out swinging against this technology.
Pretty easy to predict the future by looking at economic interests and they will likely see it as a threat to their revenue streams.
But until then, weeeeeeeeeeee!

Can I stop it from happening?

Of course! there are several ways to stop these scripts from runing in your browser. It is our intention that webmasters would
allow their users the choice, and we're building functionality to make it really easy for both the webmaster to offer and the
user to control. Newer version of browsers are offering anti mining you can toggle on and you can also use adblocking
plugins (but we wont go as far as to tell you which ones) which support browser blocking.

Why would you tell me how to prevent it?

The short answer is that transparency is always the best policy and we hope browser based mining catches on in a big way.
It won't if people think this is something that is being forced on them. We want people to understand that this is an incredibly
efficient way to support the content they love!